Brief: To design glass bong packaging
Brand identity, Packaging
The startup "B-LABS" aimed to develop packaging for their handmade glassware that defied the typical disposable nature of most packaging. Embracing their brand guidelines, I sought to create packaging for their glass bong that customers would cherish forever.

Working within the allocated budget, I designed packaging that not only provided secure housing for the product but also served as a storage solution when not in use. For the outer packaging, I opted for a paper over board style box with foiled logos, the back of the box features an outline illustration of the product along with key features and product information, reflecting the brand's vibrant blue and pristine white colour scheme.

Conscious of avoiding stereotypical cannabis culture clich├ęs, the branding and packaging exuded a refined and upscale aura. After presenting several concepts, the decision was made to adopt an acrylic display case. This design, also featuring the brand's signature blue and white hues, not only protects the glassware but also transformed it into a display-worthy item.
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